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That's My Dog Training Quad Cities is devoted to helping you have a wonderful relationship with your dog. Whether you need obedience training, behavior modification, or education and socialization for your new puppy – That’s My Dog training Quad Cities can fill your needs as a dog lover and pet owner.

We understand the psychology of dogs and can help you to create a well behaved, well-adjusted pet that you can fully enjoy in every environment. Our dog training programs yield reliable results on leash and off! We even offer a dog training guarantee.


You and your dog can achieve:

  • Off Leash FREEDOM
  • Polite House Manners
  • Enjoyable Walks
  • Calm and Quiet Greeting Behavior
  • Long Down Stays

Quad Cities Dog Training

puppy training in Quad CitiesWe have a variety of programs to meet your needs and your dog's needs. Whether it is Private Training Sessions, our Learn and Play Day Training or a Board and Train Program, we have a solution for you. All of our programs will teach you how to have control even in the midst of real distractions! Contact us today so we can help you reach your dog's full potential. Dog Training Quad Cities can help you have the dog of your dreams. Our facility offers:

  • Dog Board and Train Programs
  • Structured Daycare
  • Dog Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • Puppy Training
  • And more!
Are you are dealing with shyness, dog aggression, human aggression, fearfulness, resource guarding, or other behavior modification issues. Contact Us for a FREE EVALUATION.

"This is the best money I have ever spent. Gracie is fun. She is reliable, and I can take her placed without worry. As you know Gracie is a big girl and she is every strong without TMD training there is now way I would have ever been able to control her. Now she is a pleasure to walk an I have a dog that is trustworthy and reliable. You are great. Without TMD I would not be able to have a dog."
     -Bill S.